Diving Works

Our philosophy, whatsoever the nature of the interventions, is to put our professionnal skills at your disposal to carry out your work in complete safety.


Maritime and Fuvial underwater works such as :
Port’s maintenance like quay’s inspection, ecological anchorage / mooring installation and repairs, cathodic protection setting up, underwater cutting and welding in water survey, floating dam ‘s inspection…


Removal boats from water,wreck removal and all kind submerged objects.


Underwater works in confined spaces / hostile areas such as in sewage network, wells, water treatment station…video inspection, control,mainteance,repairs, pipe cleaning, hydro pumping…


Beach, river markings …

Above picture from © Parc Marin Côte Bleue


Various underwater operations on ships, vessels, yacht, boat such as
yachts’s haul out and launch, propeller polishing and repairs, hull’s video inspection and cleaning, suction grill’s repairs and cleaning …


Structure’s Inspection such as dam, bridge, quays… detailed Inspection on the structure’s conditions with photos, videos, plans report…