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    Nautical Means

    Control Room & Lars IMCA Decompression Chamber

    -->“PROSUB 1” aluminium ship

    Power operated 90CV.
    - Length 7m / Width 2m.
    - Flat bottom draft 50cm maximum.

    This ship,towable,  has a hydraulic windlass with a capacity of 300kg.

    -->“EL DIABLO” Vaillant semi-rigid ship

    - Power operated 2 x 115CV.
    - Length 7.50m / Width 2.85m.
    - Flat bottom, draft 50cm maximum.

    This ship allows quick moves and has an important load capacity (till 22 persons on board).

    -->“ZOULOU VI” semi-rigid ship

    - Power operated 90CV.
    - Length 6m / Width 2.45m.

    This ship can be containerized or drawn by a vehicle.

    -->“TSM3D” rigid ship

    - Power operated 20CV.
    - Length 3.80m / Width 1.60m.

    This ship, towable, fits with small operations or port activities.

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    --> Control Room

    Our control Rooms include a panel for the gases in order to handle all the umbilicals as well as communications means, a back video and lighting.  

    --> Lars (Launch And Recovery Sytem)

    Complying with the IMCA’s rules, this lift is made for 2 divers going down at the same time, and can reach a depth of 75 meters.


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    This double lock decompression chamber is built according to the Lloyd’s Register Shipping rules.

    This containerized decompression chamber can easily set up on shore and on barge / vessels.

    Miscellaneous material :

    Underwater video camera/camera, underwater cutting set, underwater grinder, underwater hydraulic impact wrench,…. 

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